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Join us as the Business Owners Forum hosts Marina A. DeWitt is from the Region 9 Advocate for the SBA Office of Advocacy. Marina is gathering information on the federal regulations issues that small businesses have in Arizona. She will be giving a short presentation followed by an open discussion.

Advocacy relies on small business input and we need information that helps build our case to the agency. If an existing or proposed regulation is causing problems, we need details:

- Which regulation and which provisions of it?

- Can you propose a better way of meeting the goal?

- How can you measure the burden of the regulation?

- How much would it cost you? In what specific ways – such as added payroll costs, hiring lawyers or consultants?

Attendance is limited to business owners only. We regret that exceptions cannot be made and we ask that all members respect this requirement. Free for members. This is a member only event. Attendance is strictly limited to business owners only.

Business Owners Forum is sponsored by Cox Business.




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